Challenges and limitations in MALL

Monday 19th March 2012
Room: Leven

Morning: The Big Picture
9.00 Setting up / Arrival / Coffee
9.45 Introduction to the day Graham Stanley, IATEFL LTSIG coordinator
10.00 What is MALL and what can be done? Gavin Dudeney
10.40 Q&A
10.50 MALL & Teacher Education Gary Motteram
11.10 Mobilising teacher education Eileen Murphy, Isil Boy & Rona Mcintyre
11.20 Q&A
11.30 Coffee (Argyll room)
12.00 Discussion / Reflection (with Qs)
12.40 Feedback on discussion

13.00 Lunch

App Afternoon
14.00 App snap! 20 apps in 30 minutes Paul Sweeney
14.30 Q&A
14.40 The Story of an app / DIT apps Caroline Moore
15.10 Q&A
15.20 Mobile learning across the pyramid Neil Ballantyne
15.50 Q&A
16.00 Coffee (Argyll room - available from 15:45)
16.15 Show & Tell (sign up for a 5 minute slot) Participants
17.20 Final roundup
17.25 Feedback
17.30 End
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Gavin Dudeney - What is MALL and what can be done?
For this introductory session I'll be taking an over-arching look at MALL and arguing for a different acronym :-) In brief, I hope to provoke some discussion around some or all of the following areas:
- outdated attitudes to mLearning and mobile devices
- current practice worldwide, from a variety of perspectives
- success criteria for mLearning
- predominant mLearning realities for most teachers
- the app question
- a rationale for mLearning

In examining these areas I hope to set up a series of questions or topics for discussion that can be addressed in the Q&A following the session itself, but which will also serve as an introduction to some of the other sessions following on during the day.

Gary Motteram - MALL & Teacher Education (
This presentation will start by considering the changing nature of learning and how m-learning is different. It will then focus specifically on the affordances of mobile learning for teacher education and finish off by looking at studies of m-learning through the lens of teacher education mentioning a number of apps along the way.

Eileen Murphy, Isil Boy & Rona Mcintyre - Mobilising teacher education
distance MA students at Manchester will talk about how they use mobile technologies in their studies.

Eileen Murphy - I'm from from Ireland and have been teaching English in different

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